Success stories from VSLA group members

Laughter Joyce, a mother of two (2) children in Alio-onji VSLA group located in Lobule Sub County, Koboko District said,

“I have been in a VSLA group before for the past three (3) years in which I did not realize any benefit from it as a result of no guidance on VSLA group dynamics and management, but when I decided with my husband who at times helps me financially and encouraged me to join Alio-onji VSLA group formed by CERID, I got some guidance and trainings in savings, loans management and business skills that motivated me to borrow a loan of 200,000 Ugx, I used 80,000 Ugx for renting a piece of land, 40,000 for buying cabbage seeds, 70,000 Ugx for buying insecticides and 10,000 for planting 2,000 pieces of cabbages with an aim of getting enough food and income. I prepared a nursery bed for cabbages and after transplanting, it was growing well and ready for sale now.  My plan is to build a semi-permanent house in the future from the farming business and accumulated saving that I am focusing on”.

Amaniyo Rukia a mother of five (5) children in Alio-waku VSLA group said;

“Before I joined the group, I had bought a grinding machine as an Income Generating Activity for my family which later broke down and I abandoned it. But when I joined Alio-Wako VSLA group formed by CERID, I was taught some business skills during the Selection, Planning & Management (SPM) of IGAs. This prompted me to borrow a loan of 70,000 Ugx out of which I used 40,000 Ugx to repair the grinding Mill which is now functioning and I used the balance of 30,000 Ugx for buying some eggs and cooking oil as a side business. However, I can now pay my children school fees and when they fall sick, I am able to take them for treatment using the profit gained from this IGA”

Osumaru Amina, a mother of four (4) and a member of Alio-onji VSLA group in Lobule S/C, Koboko District;

“I have not been in a VSLA group before but later I joined Alio-onji VSLA group formed by CERID, I got encouraged after been advised by my husband to pick a manageable loan and I decided to pick my first loan of 80,000 Ugx from the group which I used to plant some cassava in a half hectare piece of land. I planted the improved variety of cassava which takes 6-7 months before harvest and at the moment, it is ready for consumption and I am selling part of it to cater for my other needs such as paying school fees for my two children who are in Lurujo P/S and also buy uniform, now I have enough food in my house to feeding on”.

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